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The youth must feel that they can get their thoughts and needs confirmed, and also the tools so they have a fair chance to reach their own goals. The whole work with the module is based on the youth’s contribution with thoughts and opinions about the neighbourhood and the youth centre. The purpose is by teamwork to produce something concrete. The product of the youth map describe and clearly show the fields of activities and the goals that the youth wants to work towards.

Personal youth map

The personal map refers to what the youth as an individual think and feel. The personal map is an individual task that later on will lead to an absorbing teamwork. It contains different themes that they answer to. When they fill out the map they shall refer to the scene in their own neighbourhood and youth centre. If the module is used on a different scene than the youth centre the theme also changes for example the school, the company etc.


  • Youth Centre
  • Neighbourhood “Feeling”
  • Friendship
  • Youth Culture
  • Open Them

The dream vision

The work with the “dream vision” refers to creating a vision of how the youth centre and the neighbourhood should look like and a motto to base further work on. The purpose is to do a deeper mapping of the chosen theme. The idea is to learn the youth to think and choose from different possibilities, and then decide what they should do in their situation. Every group shall prepare a presentation of their theme work and decide how they want to present their work ex by making a collage, a role-play or writing it down on a piece of paper.

The youth map

The positive neighbourhood area is a place where youth can meet adult, youth leaders and friends who are willing to listen, confirm, give emotional support, information and counselling. The participants themselves decide what the youth map installation is, but the leader shall inspire and give suggestions. Tell the whole group what kind of areas that should be included in the installation. Ex what themes should be included, headline/motto of the youth centre, a space for practical information, a dynamic area. Before you finish the work with the module create a plan of action with key persons and a time-schedule of the completion of the installation.


· Make a welcome release-party for the installation.

· Invite politicians and the people living in the neighbourhood etc.

· “This is what generation 2005 wants to create in the youth centre and in the neighbourhood”.




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