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Elisabetta Delle Donne


Pixel- Via del Berignolo, 40


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Description of the organisation:
PIXEL has as its main aim the promotion of innovation in education and training processes. It has developed its own e-Learning platform and always integrates e-Learning modules into its training offers. It has also developed its own e-learning courses particularly focusing on the fields of IT and foreign languages. The training activities carried out by Pixel include: training teachers and trainers in the educational use of technology and in the management and integration of e-learning in traditional educational pathways; in-company training pathways focusing on IT, business management, quality, safety and language learning; training of young graduates so as to allow them to acquire the necessary skills to ease their entering in the labour market; training courses focused on equal opportunities issues. Pixel successfully completed several education and training courses both in the framework of European funded projects and private funds. Pixel is also constantly involved in research activities mostly related to the training sector.
Experience in previous projects:

Pixel ’s current projects are focused on the following topics:

1. e-learning.

a) Socrates Minerva project for the use of e-learning in the robotics sector. The project is addressed to secondary technical schools (EDu Robot project)

b) Leonardo da Vinci project for the use of e-learning for multi language learning (i.e. English, French, Spanish, Italian) addressed to women working in SMEs (ELS Project).

c) E-Learning project for the creation of an Internet portal focusing on information management addressed to SMEs (Createl project)

d) ESF project for the creation of a distance course on ICT for the tourist sector (TIC project)

e) ESF project for the creation of a distance course on English for tourism (Welcome project)

2. New Technologies

a) Socrates Minerva project for the use of technologies in the art creation process addressed to art teachers in secondary schools (MultimediArt project).

b) Socrates Minerva project for the use of new technologies to support students with learning disabilities (Je Parle project)

3. Networking

a) Leonardo da Vinci project for the creation of a network of excellence on the topic of entrepreneurship (Einet project)

4. Language Learning

a) Socrates Lingua project for the creation of a database of products for teaching and learning foreign languages. (eLancenet project)

5. Tourism

a) ESF project for the training of tourism operators on the topic of quality for the tourist sector (QTF project)

6. Equal Opportunities

a) Socrates Grundtvig project for the experimentation of mentoring to support women willing to enter the labour market (EWP project)

b) ESF project to train women on management of new technolgoies (LEI project)

c) ESF project to train women as web designers (Donna 2000 project)




"Developed with the support of the European Community, within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme. The opinions expressed by the authors do not necessarily reflect the position of the European Community, nor does it involve any responsibility on its part."