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City of Trondheim, Director for Culture and Environment

The Department of Cultural and Environmental Affairs in Trondheim has the overriding responsibility for cultural and recreational affairs, including the arts, sports, public libraries, activities for young people, measures for immigrants, agriculture and the environment and grants for church activities.The department's director is responsible for planning in these areas, administrates subsidies, grants and benefits, provides guidance and coordinates city-wide cultural initiatives in collaboration with institutions, organizations, and divisions and departments operated by the city.


PIXEL has as its main aim the promotion of innovation in education and training processes. It has developed its own e-Learning platform and always integrates e-Learning modules into its training offers. It has also developed its own e-learning courses particularly focusing on the fields of IT and foreign languages. The training activities carried out by Pixel include: training teachers and trainers in the educational use of technology and in the management and integration of e-learning in traditional educational pathways; in-company training pathways focusing on IT, business management, quality, safety and language learning; training of young graduates so as to allow them to acquire the necessary skills to ease their entering in the labour market; training courses focused on equal opportunities issues. Pixel successfully completed several education and training courses both in the framework of European funded projects and private funds. Pixel is also constantly involved in research activities mostly related to the training sector.
Centre of Continuing Education in Sopot

Established in 1946, educates and traines people 19+ providing vocational education for people who failed to get secondary education on time, those who don’t have any vocational training and those who want to update their qualifications. About 90% of our students are women. There are around 2000 students in various courses.  All the courses finish with exams and nationally recognised certificates. Our task is to adjust our education to the needs  of the regional economy. There are practice company providing practical training, University of the Third Age, Teachers’ Training Centre and EU projects team in CCE.
Municipality of Skellefteå

The office of recreation in the municipality of Skellefteå is a public authority.
The fields of work are on one hand to run sports arenas, swimming-halls and youth clubs.
On the other hand we are well-known concerning our capacity to work with development in the field of youth work.
Inclusion, gender equality and a fruitful cooperation with local associations and educational institutions has created a good environment for education of youth leaders.
Östersund Municipal District

The municipality of Östersund is responsible for the provision of fundamental welfare services. Mandatory tasks of the municipality are the social services including elderly services, services for disabled people and individual and family services; pre-school, compulsory school and upper secondary education; planning and building, environmental and public health protection, refuse collection and waste management, water and sewage, rescue services, civil defence, library services and housing. Voluntary tasks that the municipality carries out are leisure and culture, technical services, energy provision and street maintenance.(For the aims of this project both the committees for children & education, for culture & recreation, for social services and the executive committee are involved together with their departments. The municipality aims at on-the-job training and further education for the youth worker in the different fields that the mentioned departments work.)
No limits education and training

At no limits we develop the capacity of people to realise their economic, social and personal potential; to see, create, develop and make the most of opportunities. We do this by enabling people of all ages to develop the thinking and skills essential for success.

No limits has specialist expertise in designing and delivering high quality training and development programmes with a wide variety of client groups.

Our programmes and projects are tailor- made for our clients, varying in length and content to suit all needs.




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