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The general project’s objetctives are:
  • involve young people in the creation of their own future
  • make young people part of the development of their own project
  • make young people producers of society and not only consumers

In the attached file you will find the evaluation of the Yo-pro project made by Ulla Tebelius of the Luleå university of technology

Key themes- enterprise and entrepreneurship

The 6 Yo Pro modules aim to develop the enterprise and entrepreneurial capacity of youth workers and young people. This is not a distinct module but many of the tools within the modules support the development of enterprise capability. One set of learning outcomes is entitled "enterprise thinking" and activities enable youth workers and young people to develop their enterprise thinking and skills.

In order to achive the above aims, each partner involved in the project has designed an educational module. The modules are divided between the partners as follows:

  • Norway, Trondheim Council: Young People and Creativity
  • Italy, Pixel: Young People and ICT
  • Poland, Centrum Ksztalcenia Ustawicznego: Youth Work in Progress
  • Sweden, Østersund Council: Mirroring Youth Culture
  • Sweden, Skellefteå Council: Facilitating Youth Projects
  • UK, No Limits Education and Training: Empowering Young People

Please download the Power Point Presentation of the Yo-Pro Project.




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