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Final Product

Four of the modules developed in Yo-Pro are now finished. They will be found in English under products on the website. Translation of the modules into Polish, Swedish, Italian and Norwegian will be completed before May.



Final Conference

Yo-Pro's Final Conference was held in Trondheim February 20th - 21st. The Conference, named Participation, gathered 300 youth and adults from Norway and other European countries. Speakers and workshops focused on new strategies and methods for increased...



Idea development with 130 youth in a shopping center

Rotating Idea development is one of the tools from Module 1 in the Yo-Pro project.
The method has now been tested with 130 youth in a shopping center in Trondheim, Norway. During a one-hour session the youth got to idea develop, together with decision makers on themes that both directly and indirectly are of concern to them. The process resulted...



Testing of Module I – Tools for involvement of youth

Approximately 150 youth leaders and 300 youth in the partner countries have now tested the different exercises in Module I. There has been an overall positive response to the exercises used in Module I, both from youth and youth workers. The Module will...



Participation in Bridges for recognition

YO – PRO participated, with the project manager, in the conference Bridges for Recognition in Leuven (Belgium) from...

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