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This module present tools, that make a youth group focus on a certain task.
It presents tools, that teambuilds youth groups, that are to work together.
It presents tools for idea development, project-description and project-realization with youth.
It presents tools for evaluating results of the work together with the youth.

Session 1: The dream-travel
The Dream-travel is the name of a tool, that makes individuals in a group focus on a certain challenge, task or situation.
It is a meditative session, where the participants lay on the floor with closed eyes and listen to instructions.
The first part of the instruction makes the group relax.
Then they are told, that they must imagine, that they are in a nice place on a nice day.
And there, they are told to focus on different aspects on the challenge or task, that the group is going to face.

Session 2: Personal youth ID-card
The Personal Identification Card is a tool for the youth to show who they are and what recourses they posses.
First the young answer a number of questions about themselves, one by one. It is questions about what they feel good at, what music they listen to, which motto they have, what they want to improve on, which forces, they have.
Then they go in groups and tell each other the answers of the questions.

Session 3: Manual for The Rotating Idea Development-model
The Rotating Idea Development-Model is a model designed to help youth-groups develop ideas for a certain case.
It can be ideas for a cultural project, for the contents of a new youth-house, for a youth festival, a party, for a new course or any other situation, where good ideas are needed to develop projects or organizations.

Session 4: Manual for description of projects
The Manual for description of projects is a form, which people fill out, when they prepare to realize a project.
In the form, you are asked to describe: the idea of the project, the aim of the project, the organization of the project, the network of the project, the promotion of the project, the budget of the project, the financing of the project, the action-plan of the project and how you are going to evaluate the project.
This is a manual, that the youth-worker can give to a group of young people who have a need to describe the project, they are to realize. It is important, that the youth-worker coaches the young people through the work with the different tasks of the project-description.

Session 5: Positive Evaluation
Positive evaluation is a tool for fast evaluation of projects and activities.
In the Positive evaluation you divide the activity, you want to evaluate, up into different themes, which you want to evaluate on.
You agree on, how well the project went according to each theme and how it could be made even better next time.
After that, you evaluate the problems and conflicts, which might have been between, the people who have been involved in making the project.
If anybody says, that somebody did something wrong during the realization of the project, he or she must also be able to tell, what the person should have done instead.




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