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Project description/youth leader

The project description contains a detailed description of the project to be used and studied by the youth leaders, but also a simplified project description which is to be used by the youth. The project description also contains tools elaborated in order to avoid pitfalls.

The expected learning outcome for youth workers

Working with others: to co-operate with others, listen to each other, make decisions together and support the team
Speaking and listening: to debate and discuss ideas in small/large groups, explain one’s own ideas and listen to the ideas/views of other people, to effectively share/present small group ideas to large group.
Problem solving : to develop strategies and solutions, discuss and agree upon these with the team, implement strategies and solutions.
Motivation: to show commitment to team, encourage others, personal responsibility
Risk taking: to be open to try new things

Resumé of exercise
The aim of “Manual for description of projects” is to give the youth leaders competence and knowledge about the different steps in the process of a project, as well as the tools to bring the process forward. Moreover, and most importantly, to give the young people the opportunity to realize their own ideas in a project.




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