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Egg Drop Auction and Workshop

This workshop from day 2 of the Personal Development Module will test the groups’ teambuilding and problem-solving skills.

The expected learning outcomes for youth workers:
- Positive thinking: understood the importance of positive thinking and positive language
- Adaptability: adapt easily when things change, see new opportunity in change
Working with others:
supporting the team

The expected learning outcomes for youth:
- working with others: listening to each other, co-operating with others on activities, making decisions together, tolerating and respecting others, supporting the team
- verbal communication/reasoning: justify own opinions, critically assess ideas and contributions, engage in meaningful discussion, reach team agreement, ask good questions to clarify things
- problem –solving: identify problem fully
- leadership: take responsibility for self and others, organise the team, inspire and motivate others, lead by example, achieve targets set
- motivation: show commitment to team

Resumé of exercise
This workshop is an energising fun team activity that you can use to bring people together and to demonstrate the principle of teamwork. The workshop is split into two sections:
- an auction for construction materials
- egg catcher construction
- After completing the activity you can lead a discussion / debriefing on how effectively people worked together, the challenges they faced and the roles that different people played in the teams.




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