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Group Contract

This introductory exercise from the Personal Development Module enables participants to agree on a way of working together so that everyone is able to contribute, enjoy and get the most out of the training. As a group, participants will produce a contract to govern the behaviour they want in the group - for example: respect, time keeping – that they will accept and follow.

The expected learning outcome for youth workers:
- Personal responsibility : develop ways to maximising learning.
- Team Work: supporting the team
- Basic mind-mapping of ideas: understand how to map out ideas and thinking, understand how to make connections between ideas, ability to see and understand the “bigger picture”.
- Verbal communication/reasoning: ask good questions to clarify things.

The expected learning outcomes for youth:
- Speaking and listening: debate and discuss ideas in small/large groups, explain own ideas and listen to others’ ideas/views.
- Decision-making: decide on an outcome, make that outcome happen.
- Personal responsibility: develop ways to maximising learning
- Working with others: listening to each other, co-operating with others on activities, making decisions together, tolerating and respecting others, supporting the team.
- Negotiations respect other points of view and opinions, agree to disagree when necessary, negotiate assertively, enthusiastically and persuasively, be clear of your goal, be prepared to compromise and resolve differences, aim for a win-win outcome if possible.

Resumé of exercise
The Group Contract exercise provides the participants with guidelines, decided on by the group in negotiation, on how they will work together so that everyone is able to contribute, enjoy and get the most out of the training. Starting as a small group discussion, the exercise becomes a whole group negotiation to identify the behaviour that the participants expect from one another. The final agreement is typed and circulated amongst the group.




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