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Financing the project

When realising a project there are usually some costs that has to be covered. It might be rents for premises, wages, costs for decorations, advertisements etc.
But how do you do to find the money?
Let the group do some brainstorming in order to find as many suggestions as possible to finance a project. Write down the ideas, and chose which ideas you want to work with in your specific project.
Make a simple budget for the project.

Expected learning outcomes/youth workers:
Positive thinking: to always think success,
Risk taking: to be open to try new things, effectively calculate risk,
Decision-making: to identify relevant information, weigh up the options available.
Experiment with ideas: to engage in new techniques for creative thinking; see more than one option or solution, experiment with ideas in different ways.
Problem-solving: to develop strategies and solutions, implement strategies and solutions.
Leadership: to take responsibility for yourself and others, organise the team, lead by example

Expected learning outcomes for youth:
Risk taking: to be open to try new things, effectively calculate risk.
Motivation: to be inspired to take action
Speaking and listening: to follow instructions given with little challenge, to debate and discuss ideas in small/large groups, explain one’s own ideas and listen to the ideas/views of other people.
Brainstorming and word association: to participate in small/large group brainstorming,
Working with others: to listen to each other, make decisions together, support the team.
Problem-solving: to identify problems, develop strategies and solutions, discuss and agree upon these with the team, implement strategies and solutions. Motivation: to show commitment to team, encourage others, personal responsibility.

Resumé of exercise
The aim of the financial exercise is to come up with as many ideas as possible to finance a project by means of brainstorming.




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