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Young people and Creativity

Everything starts from ideas.

In order to involve young people you must start by listening to their ideas

This starts by involving young people in the creative process, and leads to the development of organisations where they spend their leisure time

In turn this means that young people will be involved in creating the projects and activities they will be taking part in.

Creativity and youth is a module which provides methods for idea development and brainstorming with young people.

In module 3, "Facilitating Youth Projects," you find ways of realizing ideas together with young people. It is important that you have a working knowledge of these methods before you start work with youth groups.

The methods for idea development and brainstorm enclosed in module 2 are powerful tools.

It does not matter if you use these tools with 9 or 900 young people, you will still generate a wealth of ideas. It will be a magical process, where people will surprise both you and themselves.

Afterwards, you must be prepared to give people help to prioritize their ideas and choose which ones to work with.

That is why we have supplied the brainstorm methods with ideas for prioritizing ideas. This is why, module 3 “Facilitating Youth Projects” is the next module in Yo-Pro.

The training exercises of the module

  1. Dream travel
  2. Positive Brainstorm
  3. Rotating idea development, including The Cross Road and The Circle
  4. Open Space

Module Summary
Most of the methods of this module will result in long lists of ideas from the groups you work with. It is important that the ideas that are generated are followed up shortly after the exercise has finished. If it takes a month from the development of ideas to people acting upon them people will loose interest. New things happen in people’s lives and the magic is lost. We recommend that the first meeting with the young people who will be taking parties held within a week of the Idea Development taking place




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