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Mirroring Youth Culture

A youth club or youth organization must reflect the youth cultures of the local area.

It must be a place where young people can develop skills and enjoy activities linked to their personal interests.

If Hip Hop-culture is popular in the neighbourhood then there should be facilities where young people can work with hip-hop music or arrange hip-hop concerts.

If theatre is popular among the young people the club must be a place where there is scope for the young people to develop and produce theatre-shows.

If youths are especially interested in IT the club should provide facilities to support them in the development of there IT skills.

Subsequently the youth-leaders must be up to date knowledge and have the proper qualifications and skills:

1) Along with the young people, they must be able to survey and identify the various youth-cultures and interests that exist.

They need to have an awareness of the ever-changing cultures, so the organisation must be flexible and prepared to adapt to new cultures as they emerge.

2) They need working-tools that enable them to support the young people in developing activities in cultural fields in which they themselves, as youth-leaders, are not experienced.

One suitable tool available is the module known as “The Wall”, which is designed to identify both the interests of local young people and how the club can support the development of projects and activities within these interests.

The Wall generates a cultural portrait of the young people frequenting the club.

It also encourages them to put forward ideas about how to actively develop their cultural interests within theclub or youth organisation.

The headlines of the module are:

  1. Rotating portrait
  2. Idea café, (including the portrait, the future, the vote and the corner-exercise)
  3. The installation
  4. The Release party

Module Summary

  • The activities will be adapted to suit the resources and needs of modern youth.
  • The product facilitates engagement for all the local people who are interested in participating in the activities.
  • Young people are provided with both an arena and a method for expressing their thoughts and feelings.

The young people, together with the leaders present an installation that describes and clearly shows which activities and goals the they are interested in achieving.




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