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Empowering young people

The module, "Empowering young people" looks at the way in which young people can interact with one another, supporting and encouraging individuals to reflect on themselves and their past and future achievements.

We want to enable young people to be more conscious of the effect that active listening can have on group activities. Everyone enjoys being acknowledged and listened to, it adds value to life.  However, you must be prepared and have the ability to acknowledge and listen to others in order to be acknowledged and listened to yourself. 

It is on this key element that the first part of the personal development module concentrates:
• To encourage young people listen to their peers and everyone around them. 
• To pay and attention and take into account what others are saying and enable young people to pay more attention to their own words and actions.

At the same time we want to let young people focus on what they are good at, not only in school, but also in sports, in cultural work, leisure time activities, in work and voluntary work or where ever they have made big or small achievements.

The Personal Development Module consists of a two-day training programme to create the environment for young people to develop their communication and teamwork skills:
• Through a variety of communication-based activities, day one encourages the young people to listen to, acknowledge and understand their peers.
• Day two’s teamwork activities provide the opportunity for the young people to focus on their skills and achievements.

If one voice goes unheard their contribution and wisdom is lost forever.

The training exercises of the module
Day One -
Exercise 1: Group Contract
Exercise 2: Tree of Life – Pre-evaluation
Exercise 3: Listening and listening skills
Exercise 4: Story Telling
Exercise 5: Dream Vision

Day Two –
Exercise 6: Positive Statements
Exercise 7:Skills, Competencies and Characteristics for Achievement
Exercise 2: Tree of Life – post evaluation

Module Summary
In the Personal Development Module we have two main aims:
• to develop the ability to empathise with others and participate in exercises which enhance young peoples’ capacity to acknowledge and listen to others.
• to identify the different skills of the participants by analysing their achievements and making them more aware of what they have accomplished, and can accomplish in the future.

Creating Our Own Future – the one thing that sets humans above all other inhabitants on earth is our ability to use language and written words to create a future for ourselves. 




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