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DateType of EventTitle of EventPartner Involved
12/07/2004National meetingPresentation of Yo-Pro projectPixel
28/06/2004National meetingPresentation of the Yo – Pro projectMunicipal Executive of Trondheim
26/06/2004European meetingCongress of Pomeranian’s NGOsCentre of Continuing Education
23, 24/06/2004National meetingEducation for the Labour market in the Pomeranian RegionCentre of Continuing Education
22/06/2004National meetingPresentation of Yo – Pro projectMunicipal Executive of Trondheim
08/06/2004National meetingConferenceCentre of Continuing Education
21/04/2004Meeting in the International team in the RegionPresentation of YO-PRO projectMunicipal Executive of Trondheim
11/02/2004Local meetingPresentation of module 1 of the Yo Pro ProjectNo Limits
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